Some Interesting Things To Talk About With A Girl

Are you about to go on a date and you’re looking for interesting things to talk about with your date so she won’t be wishing she never accepted your date?

The best way to start the date with a good conversation is to make sure that hard issues are avoided.  Keep the conversation light and funny. Most women like to talk about the more personal things about their life like relationships, hobbies, passions, interests, favorite things and others.  While politics, arts, and family issues are considered to be essential part of the relationship, you certainly would not want to start talking about these things from the get go.

Dreaded silences in between conversations are always what most men will fear during the first date.  This is those very awkward moments when you happen to be looking at each other without any idea about the perfect thing to say.

That’s why if you have some interesting things to talk about with her, it will decide whether you can move on to the next level of the relationship or not. You have to make her like you and be interested in you enough to want to meet you again right? Otherwise, she’s just going to think to herself that you’re just like all the other douches that tried to pick her up and you’re nothing special.

You have to make her realize that you ARE special with great conversation starters.

So, what are these great conversation starters?  Here are a few ideas that you could consider doing to make the first date more interesting.

What would have been the most unpredictable thing she has ever done?

This is perhaps the perfect question for you to discover something interesting and cool about the girl you’re taking out.However, rather than get her to say the things she would not do; move on to the other side and get her to reminisce about her pasts experiences.  As she sits back and recounts the feeling of excitement and joy, all you need to do is sit back and listen and let her do all the talking. Just make sure you ask related follow up questions to make her really re live the fun she had at the time

Did she hear about XYZ latest celebrity event?

Women love to gossip, and there is nothing more interesting than to listen to the latest Hollywood rumors.  Generally, it does not mean that you have to be well-equipped with the entire story.  Just a general background will do, and you will have your woman talking the night away about every detail of the story.  Just make sure you set up the question so that you can easily lead the conversation to “so what do you think is the worst thing a guy can do in a relationship” (to figure out what kind of men she’s interested in) which will set you up perfectly to start asking her about her past relationships.

What are her favorites?

Remember, the point of the date is to make sure she likes talking to you. So you want to discover the favorite things that the girl loves and just have her do all the talking.  Women love to talk, and there is nothing more important for them to tell you about what she likes.

So in order to make it really fun for you, you should play a game called, “I like”.

All you need to do is say “I like the smell of fresh rain” and she needs to say something she likes. You just go back and forth until one of you runs out of things to say. Once that happens you can implement a fun punishment, such as tickling her on the waist or doing something that will make the interaction more flirtatious and fun.

What does she usually like to do with her friends?

It is typical to find women in general to have plenty of friends.  In fact, most of their friends will always have an  opinion about you.  Thus, there is nothing more productive than to have her talk about her friends.  If you do this, you not only find out what her friends are like but you can learn more about the girl you’re hanging out with. A good way to figure out a woman’s personality is to look at the type of people she hangs out with.

So there you have it. I have made a list of 4 interesting questions you can ask a girl about. Generally speaking, if you listen to her answers, all you need to do is ask more related questions and then you’ll be able to have her do ALL the talking the whole night.

That means you won’t end up saying stupid things and she’ll be having a great time with  you.

So in other words, you’re going to have a successful date!

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