Guidelines – How To Talk To Girls Without Getting Rejected

I bet you have seen this before.

The guy that not only knows what to say to women, but also knows EXACTLY what to say at the right time and deliver it in the right tone, so that he makes the girl he talks to absolutely CRAVE him.

Do you want to know what his secret is?

How come he knows exactly what to say and what words and sentences to use each and every time, whereas you’re almost always stuck for words and have no idea how to make your interactions interesting?

Learn how to tease to please

The fact of the matter is, no matter how mature we become as people, deep down we still act like little kids. This cannot be more obvious when it comes to the realm of flirting.

If you study the interactions between a guy who is successful with women versus a guy who is NOT successful with women, you’ll see one major difference.

The major difference is that the guy who gets all the girls, is fun loving, care free, confident and how does he show this? By constantly and consistently making fun of the women around him.

The guy who doesn’t get girls is NOT fun loving, despite the fact the might argue he is. Often times he’s the more serious type and he hardly teases women at all. In fact he’s just boring to be around.

Now the difference as you can see is staggering.

So what do you need to do?

You need to TEASE but please her at the same time. I use the words “teasing to pleasing” because that’s exactly what you need to do.

I know some guys get the “teasing” part but totally forget the “pleasing” aspect and come across as an insensitive jerk that ends up annoying more women than he gets.

It’s essential that you look at her reaction and see if you’ve cross the border of “fun” into being an asshole.

Although this area is hard to define, as there are so many instances and reasons where you can make fun of girls, in general I have discovered a principle when it comes to flirtatious teasing.

Only tease her for things she can control

Do NOT tease her about the following:
1. her race
2. her religion
3. her political views
4. her sexual history

If you do this, you’re not teasing to please her. You’re just going to cross that line where she decides you’re just a dick and never pay attention to you.

As a rule of thumb, if you only limit your teasing to something that she can control, then you’re ok, such as:
1. the way she walks
2. the way she talks
3. her interests
4. her hobbies
5. if she’s really attractive – you can tease her about her looks or height

Why is teasing so effective for seduction?

It’s the ONLY method that you are able to come across, without using money, as a way to let her know that you’re cooler than she is. Women do not like men who are not up to her standards.

A lot of guys realise this, so instead of demonstrating how awesome they are in terms of personality, they try to make up for their lack of personality by showering her with gifts and money. Sure, this might get her attention for a while, but she’s not going to be impressed in the long term.

What she needs is a real man. A man that is able to put her where she belongs where she plays up, but is also able to give her emotional highs and lows and someone who truly understands her.

Did you read that bit where I said “emotional highs and lows”.

If you tease a woman correctly, that is EXACTLY what you’re going to make her feel and experience. When the two of you have a fun and flirtatious interaction her feelings of fun will be on over drive, whenever you playfully joke about the way she walks, she’s going to come back and defend herself in a cute way. You then tease her about something else, and then she’ll also reciprocate. The cycle continues back and forth. Each time this happens, she’ll experience different emotional highs and lows which makes her FEEL great.

As a result, she’ll be emotionally charged and connected to you because of the fact that you two had a fun time. She’ll also be more likely to open up about herself and start talking to you about personal secrets and issues she suffers from. That is when you get her to become emotionally invested in you, which is the next important thing you need to build a real connection in her mind.

All of these things result from the simple of act of flirting with her. That is the key behind talking to women in a way that will make her attracted to you sexually and make you stand out from the crowd.

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