Don’t Know How To Get A Girl To Like You? Get Her In 4 Steps!

Do you want to know how to get a girl to like you?

Let me guess, there’s a girl that you’ve been seeing around, maybe she’s a work colleague or she’s in your class. You often give her an extra glance and perhaps you have even spoken to her a little.

But apart from that, you two haven’t really had a chance to talk and make a real connection, and you’re wondering how you can let her find out what kind of a cool guy you really are.

So how do you get started?

Follow this four step process.

Step 1 – Open up a dialogue

If you have already seen her before and she’s also seen you around, what you need to do is open up a dialogue with her so that the two of you can start to chat.

What you can do is not resort to lame pickup lines, but use very mundane and very “normal” ways of starting a conversation with her without looking like you’re trying too hard.

For instance, if she’s in your class you can ask her to lend you a pen or ask her a few questions about the lecture. If she’s at work you can open up the conversation with “hey, I’ve seen you around, where do you work at? I see you all the time”. The key here is because you’re going to see her a fair bit you don’t want to make your approach too direct. Otherwise if you fail at attracting her or you get rejected it’s going to be awkward for the both of you.

So if you know a girl already and see her around, then being indirect when you open is probably the better alternative. If you come across as you’re hitting on a girl too soon and you know you’re going to see her again, this will make the atmosphere weird for you later.

Step 2 – Build rapport and comfort

Once you start talking about mundane and boring things you want to swiftly transition the conversation into a zone where you start talking about dating and relationships. The reason for this is because you want to test how interested she is in you first.

A girl will not open up and start talking about her own experiences in dating and relationships openly with a man she’s not interested in. So that’s the test.

You can smoothly transition the conversation into this by bringing your pretend friend into the picture. Having a pretend friend to call upon when you want to talk about any topic is very useful. Comedians use this method all the time and that’s why they can talk about so many random things in a single skit and make it sound normal.

So try this:

You: Hey I have to ask you a random question. Since you’re a girl, I need your opinion on this. I was talking to my friend the other day and he said that it’s not considered cheating if you only kiss another girl when you have a girlfriend. What do you think?

This works because by mentioning you have a random question, you can immediately bring up whatever topic of your choosing. You then ask her for her FEMALE opinion, which makes it sound like you’re asking her because she’s got the qualifications and you are then bringing your friend into the picture. After that you then ask her a question about dating. This way it’s much more plausible and she’ll be willing to answer your question, as opposed to you asking her directly.

As long as she starts answering then my friend you’re in!

All you need to do is then start asking her more and more questions about dating, but then substitute her into the question. For example:

You: So what do YOU think is considered cheating then?

You perfectly set yourself up to ask her personal questions about relationships and dating using this set up.

Step 3 – Joke around and tease her

After she begins to open up and answer you seriously, no matter what she says you need to start joking and making fun of her. You want to come across as being entertaining and interesting. This shows her you’re confident with the way you are and you’re not like most other guys who are totally tongue tied and have no idea how to start talking to her.

Unlike them, not only do you enjoy talking to her, in fact you like it so much you’re not afraid to crack jokes and play around. This is powerful stuff.

How do you do this?

Take her answer and exaggerate it to the extreme in a playful way.

Like this:

You: Oh, so you’re saying just simply having a peck is cheating? So what if you lost a bet and you HAD to peck someone on the cheeks it that cheating?

As soon as you start playing around with her answers you’ll be able to engage her in a more emotional way as she’ll need to start justifying her answers. This makes her more invested in the conversation and discussion and she’ll care more.

Keep on asking her questions along these lines and make fun of her until you feel that there’s some connection there between the two of you.

At this stage, it’s also good to start giving her a little nickname based on her answers that is catchy and fun. Such as:

You: Ok, you can be my personal assistant, my PA for answering female related questions. You’re my PA chick!

Step 4- Get her contact details

I would normally tell you to then ask for her phone number, but in the day an age we live in it’s actually much easier to get her Facebook. If you ask her for Facebook in a fun way like this:

You: Ook, you’re cool! You can officially be my Facebook friend!

She’ll find it funny and probably be ok with giving her Facebook to you. At this point, then escalate a little more and say “ok, I like to text, why don’t you give your number so I can text you”? Normally if she just gave you her Facebook she won’t say no to her number, as it will be in congruent to her actions.

Then what do you do with her Facebook?

Send her a Private Message using the nickname that you gave her and keep up the fun and flirtatious atmosphere by asking more dating questions.

Rinse and repeat and you should generate massive amounts of attraction.

So there you have it.

That is how to get a girl to like you without having to spend a lot of money or buying her gifts. All you need to do is know how to open up a conversation with her, flirt and get her contact details and then keep up the fun and flirting atmosphere. So go and get her buddy!

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