Do You Suffer From A Case Of Oneitis?

Do you suffer from a major case of oneitis my friend?

What is oneitis you may be asking?

The oneitis condition is considered as one of the problems that will often get a guy to like a particular girl (who they are not dating), way too much and not have her reciprocate the same feeling.

Common symptoms of Oneitis include:

  1. having eyes ONLY for that single girl, when she clearly doesn’t like him
  2. thinking that she’s the ONLY girl in the world for him and no other girls can compare with her
  3. rejecting the notion of dating other girls, because they believe that this particular girl is “the one” and they are meant to be
  4. being totally obsessed with a girl who is not into them
  5. they think that the girl they are in love with is absolutely perfect and disregard any flaws she might have
  6. thinking that this girl is so much better than any other girl out there
  7. being over supplicating and acting like her puppy dog and bowing down to every single demand she makes of him regardless of whether they are legitimate or not
  8. being totally obsessed and in love with an ex girlfriend who has clearly moved on and has no intentions of coming back

Oneitis is defined as the major cause for men in the pickup community to have huge issues in trying to learn the basics of dating and girls together.

This is because sufferers from this disease often reject the notion that they have a problem and they insist that other people around them who advise otherwise are just being “players”.

So where does this original problem of oneitis come from?

Once you understand where the roots of this disease come from you’re going to be able to cure it. Most of the time, men who suffer from onetitis have watched too many Hollywood movies and believe in the notion that is portrayed in romance movies to be true.

That is, they think being a nice guy and buying a girl flowers will eventually lead them to getting the girl of their dreams so that they will be able to live happily ever after.

They seem to think that, in order to truly respect and love a girl, you need to commit 100% to that girl regardless of whether or not she’s interested in you at all. Anything less to them would not be “faithful” enough and they actually end up thinking that they are the husband or long term boyfriends of the woman that gave them the oneitis disease – when in reality, most of the time, she really just wants to get rid of him.

So what’s the best cure for this disease?

First of all you need to recognise that you have this problem.

Yes, I know a lot of guys are in oneitis denial and refuse to fact the fact that they are obsessed with a girl that just doesn’t feel the same way. You should understand feelings and emotions are a two way street. Just because YOU like her doesn’t mean she likes you. It’s got to go both ways in order to make it work. Otherwise you’re just like one of those crazy celebrity fans that stalk their beloved celebrity and scares the living crap out of them because you’re just creepy.

If you find yourself overly emotionally attached to a girl that you’re not dating or sleeping with, then this is a good sign that something is wrong.

That’s just a start.

The next step is to realise that this girl, no matter how awesome and special and “different” you may think she is, is just another human being.

She has flaws just like everyone else, and she’s not nearly the perfect human that you thought she was. Yes, if you get to know her friends, or god forbid even talk to her ex boyfriend, you’ll realize that there are many things about her that you don’t realize. Maybe she’s really dirty. Maybe she has really annoying bad habits. Maybe she snores in bed. Maybe she has bad body odour. Who knows.

All I can tell you is that she’s not nearly the perfect woman that you thought she was and fell in love with.

The final step is to actually consider dating other women.


Because once you do this you’ll start seeing that there are many upon many thousands of other women out there who also have fantastic personalities, and that this girl, although might be quite a catch, is among the thousands of other sexy women out there waiting for you to date.

Once you get that through your head, you’ll start seeing the light and be open to the idea of dating other women. Once you start dating other girls, then you will be cured my friend!

There is hope!

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